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Satisfaction Studies
Customer satisfaction, Consumer satisfaction, Employee satisfaction, Partner satisfaction, Supplier satisfaction...

These are the main groups of people that your business depends on but, of course, understanding how well you satisfy the needs of people that relate to your business can go to any segment or depth.

The question is, can you do more to satisfy the needs of these people? It is likely that if you can (within economically viable means) that your business will further prosper.

What are the drivers of satisfaction across the people groups that serve and service your business?
What can you change in your business to positively affect their satisfaction?
Will you achieve a positive return on investment by making those changes?

Inform Insights can help you determine these things through structured Satisfaction Studies.

We provide projects and studies:
  • Online and email surveys
  • Real-time reporting: Group-wide, Automated, Project Team controlled, Full set of reports
  • Interpretation and Findings
  • Telephone and support for other mediums
We also provide continual measurement models, these have the extended options of:
  • Customer self-administration for internal use
  • Minimal overhead and maximum intelligence, through significant levels of automation
  • Application development and customisation to suit specific requirements