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Resource Services
Inform Insights offers an extensive set of people based services. This is a list of some of the skills and functions those people have.
  • Survey programming
    Inform Insights can program your online survey to ensure that it is designed and implemented to your exact requirements.
  • Survey design
    Inform Insights can author your survey (full research design is performed in conjunction with Informs Market Research and Consultant partners)
  • Data processing
    Converting raw survey data to be reportable and analyzable. Incorporates data cleaning, coding, validation, open text coding.
  • Software development
    Inform Insights has a team of software developers that can produce simple tools and full blown custom built applications.
  • Administration and support
    As well hosting your surveys and / or custom built applications Inform Insights has the administration and support skills and resources to ensure they are running and servicing your needs at all times.
  • Call centre
    Inform Insights has 50 seats Call Centre that can provide both inbound and outbound support for your projects. Whether it's recruiting participants or following up in field projects or providing a response centre Inform has both the facilities and resources.
  • Fieldwork
    Inform Insights can provide services and resources for your in-field projects.