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Performance Measurement features
Measuring performance varies significantly from one business area to the next and, traditionally, data-capture and report requirements have to be adjusted to fit into an off-the-shelf solution. Inform Insights' pre-built components and technical expertise use your requirements as a basis and tailor a solution that fits it exactly.

Performance measurement portals
  • Designed to fit in as just another step in your performance measurement workflow
  • Invitations to participate are tailored with your branding, content, and "from" email address (to appear internal)
  • Automated reminders for those that have not completed assessments
  • Frequency of measurement can be automated or on-demand
  • Reports can replicate your existing ones for consistency
  • Reports can be generated and distributed automatically
  • Branded to corporate standards: logos, colours, fonts, layouts, wording, website addresses
  • Web access using our secure hosted infrastructure (hosted in a Tier 1 data centre) or;
  • Deploy internally if required