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Performance Measurement
Inform Insights' performance measurement solutions offer a high degree of automation and customisation, providing significant cost advantages, accuracy and ease of execution.

Fundamental to this is an understanding that tracking and performance measurement must have both a consistent and repeatable data collection process and be able to highlight one-off instances and trend information.

Inform Insights' performance measurement solutions can be applied to many different situations such as:
  • Sales and Retail service
  • Customer service
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Brand awareness
  • Advertisement tracking
  • Management performance
  • Employee new hire
  • Employee exit
  • Employee temperature/morale tracking
  • Salary surveys
Performance measurement components
Through our technology background and expertise, we have built components that can quickly be adapted to suit your project. These components have been thoroughly tested and cover data collection interfaces, users and administrators, reporting, program management, and email communications.

Use of these components aid in deploying a solution quickly, safely, and cost effectively.

Customised Portals
Inform Insights' software development services tailor the solution to match your project. This offers you the exact process, administration and management, branding, security-access, and reporting information you need.

Measurement in-the-field
Our in-house technology expertise and secure web infrastructure makes it possible for you to capture the raw data that you need via the web or on-site. A retail outlet, for example, could invite customers to rate their experience in store or be invited via email.

Support services
Inform Insights offers support services to help you maintain, change and administer your portal from user support through to system changes. As your process evolves, so too can your solution.