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Panel Solutions
Panels have diversified from their traditionally large general-public databases to key contact hubs. These hubs enable businesses to interact positively with their key personnel, customers, subscribers, and suppliers.

Inform Insights services both ends of the panel spectrum and understands that the panel's database platform is essential to the associated market research and general-purpose feedback.

Our software and services enable you to build, manage, and grow your panels in line with your business demands.
  • Building "your" panel
    No two panels capture the same information about their contacts and our solutions are built around your specifications, not the other way around.

    We also cover your precise branding requirements to ensure that the end-user experience is consistent with the services you provide around your panel.
  • Pre-developed components
    Inform Insights' experience has spawned pre-developed components that cover panel functions such as record management, user-driven self subscription and administration, list creation, campaign or project management, and email communications.

    We use and tailor the components you need to build a panel quickly and cost effectively. As your needs changes, new components can be brought into your panel.

  • Support services
    Inform Insights offers support services to help you grow, maintain and administer your panel from call-centre services through to marketing promotion and communication. Through these services we can execute your panel and marketing strategy.